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  2. hello. after getting the new packet? do we need to have a package for it and compile? or adding packet is enough?
  3. Can anyone teach me how to compile source please and thank you
  4. Hi, yeah project is alive. Now work for new client and new server. Coming soon more info.
  5. Hi. I just found you guys and just wanted to ask if this project is still alive? And what exactly is the project about? Is it just development or you guys plan to open a server?
  6. i'm script kiding plugins.rar
  7. Hello, I am a Java developer, I want to get 519 source code, how to sponsor.
  8. This topic coming soon finish Black Desert v891 (Java) Development. Info: Client Version: 891 Java Version: 8 Opcodes: 32(CM+SM) Database version: v891 Spawns: v491EU+v2100KR Source: Ogre Fest v491 MarketPlace: none GitLab: Private link(Access via patreon) Development: Login Server: Connect to server. Auth server. Create Family. Server selection. Connect to game server. Game Server: Connect to server. Create characters. What we are working on. Enter to world.
  9. Black Desert v519 (Java) Development. Info: Client Version: 519 Java Version: 8 Opcodes: 1505(CM+SM) Database version: v519 Spawns: v491EU+v2100KR Source: Ogre Fest v491 MarketPlace: 519 GitLab: Private link(Access via patreon) Development: Login Server: Connect to server. Auth server. Create Family. Server selection. Connect to game server. Game Server: Connect to server. Create characters. Delete characters. Enter to world. Attack. Moving. Collec
  10. This tutorial how connect launcher to your DesertCore. Link for launcher: Tutorial: 1)Login your DesertCore with admin. 2)Open AdminCP. 3)Open Configurations=>Website Settings. 4)Enabled Cron Jobs Api and Login Api=> Add Private Key and Public Key=> Save settings. 5)Open source and change param "key" and "url" EXAMPLE: * key="123456"; *url = $"http://testbdoserver.com/api/login.php?key={key}&username={UsernameText.Text}&password={FloatingPasswordBox.Password}" 6)Build launcher and test. This finish
  11. Hi everyone. Now i have give you Laucnher for you project. I give 2 version. 1)Writed on C# .Net Core 3.1 (for all OS) 2)Writed on C# .Net Framework 4.8 (only for Windows OS) This link First Launcher: https://mega.nz/file/b19yURxa#w-ZXdSfBWYwF4uJRFOPFjLS8AShbvAIzdTtGkvDNCcE This link Second Laucnher: https://mega.nz/file/vo0WhJ4Y#AqwX1QSC7AfTcNjj77guIuEt9HTljSt_fZSQAvHygUA This link for tutorial:
  12. Sorry but now this tools no finish.
  13. Any tool to read dbbs files please?
  14. Hi guys, this will be my first topic here so.. let's go, one thing I realized I had saved here and I simply didn't use it anymore was a BossTimer website template, of course, it's not functional like we're used to seeing, but I think having a base already is a big help. , is a static html and js site. The site is in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can create other html pages with different languages to use on your server. Good luck Photos from the website below I will soon make a big surprise for this community. BDO Bosst
  15. Hello Kirito, thank you very much for sharing these tools with the community. I am having problems with the Sky-Sniffer that is not saving the packages obtained in the xml. It tells me: "Object reference not set as an instance of an object" I hope you can help me.
  16. Hi. i'm Script kiddie. How to fixed : sorry my bad eng. Have a good day. CashProduct_v519.txt
  17. Hi. i'm Script kiddie. How To Fixed Put File in : sorry my bad eng. Have a good day. SMAddMonsters.java
  18. For update server you need update crypto-key and packets structures. Sky-sniffer help for this. Download sky-sniffer you can in this thread: First step: Unpack folder sky_sniffer. Second step: Install drivers from folder "Install". Third step: Start Sky.exe Fourth step: You need Find out ip address. For this start Black Desert and click on this after start client bdo. Five step: Search process Black Desert and check port. This login server port. For game port need enter to list characters. Six step: After you find login port a
  19. This old release tools for development bdo. But i using they for update and development my server. List: action_parser: This program for update binaryactioncharts.bin. ai_converter: Converter ai files to java class for server. Bdo.ClientUpdater: old updater client now no work. Bdo.LanguagePatcher: i no use this and i don't know for what this. bdo_browser: This for unpack .paz files and read him. Can read datasheets.bexcel (no actual after version 223 global) bss_parser: parser .bss and convert to .xml. (no actual because now using dbss.) cl
  20. 1. Rights and obligations of the parties 1.1. The administration reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice to users. 1.2. All users must independently track changes to the rules. 1.3. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to enter the forum by a specific person or group of persons. 1.4. The administration has the right at any time, without giving any reason, to stop providing access to the forum to a specific user or subnet as a whole. 1.5. The administration is not obliged and is not involved in the return of accounts or
  21. 1. Права и обязанности сторон 1.1. Администрация оставляет за собой право делать любые изменения без предварительного уведомления пользователей. 1.2. Все пользователи должны самостоятельно отслеживать изменения в правилах. 1.3. Администрация не несет ответственности за временную или постоянную невозможность зайти на форум конкретным лицом или группой лиц. 1.4. Администрация вправе в любой момент, без объяснения причин, прекратить предоставление доступа к форуму конкретному пользователю или подсети в целом. 1.5. Администрация не обязана и не занимается возвратом, учетных записей ил
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